Moustaches have a distinctive function in men’s appearance as a symbol of masculinity, virility and gentleness. In addition, the beard plays as an aesthetic and psychological role in personality determination. The beard and moustache are considered like a symbol of masculinity, as it starts growing from puberty and thickens with time.
As a matter of fact, beard and moustache affect men’s self-confidence if they do not grow at all or if they are not as dense as they should be. Hormonal imbalances, genetics, infections, scarring or inflammations may lead some patchy or spotty moustaches.
Your abcskyhealth clinic experts will help you to identify the root cause and perform the latest beard and moustache transplantation techniques in Turkey in order to give you the best natural look.
How does the Beard and Moustache Transplantation processed?
DHI the Choi implanter technique takes beard hair restoration to the next level. By the use of the technique and the tool, your surgeon no longer needs to open individual channels before implanting the hair grafts. This has a remarkable and game changing effect on the results of beard and moustache transplantation. Dhi is the the only device that effectively controls the angle of implantation.
The Choi Implanter Pen enables the experts to implant all individual grafts with a single motion. This hair transplantation method effectively reduces unnecessary trauma and bleeding during the procedure and shortens the recovery period very remarkably. As a big bonus, the technique and tool sustain a better survival rate for the grafts to be implanted.
The operation, which is performed under local anaesthesia, lasts between five to seven hours due to the number of grafts to be implanted and content of the operation.
DHI Beard Transplantation is the process of filling the gaps in the beard or creating a new beard for beardless patients
Methods used for the Beard Transplantation:
  • Use of beard hair for beard transplantation
  • Use of scalp hair for beard transplantation
Beard-to-Beard Procedure:
This technique is usually used for the patients who have patchy or sparse beard or scars caused by an incident. The follicles extracted from the beard itself adapt to the beard more quickly. In this technique, it is important that the number of grafts the patient needs can be provided under the chin.
From Scalp to Beard Procedure:
This technique is usually performed for patients with zero facial hair or excessive sparseness of patches. Hair follicles extracted from the area between the two ears on the back of the neck and transplanted one by one in the growing direction of the patient’s beard.
Regardless of the technique used, the golden factor for beard transplantation success is that the beard follicles must be arranged into single grafts and kept in special solutions.
One of another advantage of beard transplantation is that the designing of the beard will be performed during the planning stage. The appropriate beard implantation plan for your face shape will be decide together with your transplant expert. The tailor made implantation plan will be carefully performed regarding to your physical and aesthetical needs. Your life long treatment design will give you a thicker, fuller and more masculine beard look. Please do not hesitate to contact abcskyhealth for your free consultation to have the best treatment plan with expert medical services for moustache and beard transplantation in Turkey.
Benefits of Beard Transplantation
Freedom of choice and decision for your beard style.
You can have a thicker, fuller and natural-looking beard.
You can shave and shape your beard and moustache due to your desire.
Potential sideburns can also be shaped and designed with beard transplantation.
Final design of the beard can be performed during the planning stage.
Beard Transplantation and post-operative period:
Scarring is not visible and healing progress is so quick by beard and moustache transplantation. There is no visible scar after the beard and moustache transplantation. Like many other sort of aesthetic process; some temporary redness, swelling, and dryness may occur although these symptoms will disappear within a few days.
Some swelling may be seen in very first two or three days due to the transplanted face area is more sensitive in compare to hair transplantation for the scalp area. However these mentioned symptoms fade away day by day if the patient follows the post-operative instructions such as taking prescribed medications and apply local applications.
It may take as a week for the patient to return to back to work after the operation. Despite of you can return to work in two or three days without any concern, it is recommended for you to make a plan to rest for at least one week following the surgery. This will ease and enable your recovery progress to be more safe and healthy.
During the recovery period; your skin will be healed, beards will grow and reform. In addition the potential and swelling and redness will fade away.
The first 2-3 weeks progress will even satisfy the patient by the positive feedbacks from other individuals. Patient will feel more confident due to visible and clear results.
However, a temporary shedding occurs in the transplantation area as a natural progress. Patients may witness some shedding between 40-70 percent of the follicles transplanted. The transplanted hairs will begin to grow back after by the second month. Patient will start to see the final shape of the beard and moustache day by day.
Aftercare instructions for your treatment:
The expert doctor will give you specific instructions to comply and apply.
Some fundamental ones are counted as:
You should avoid strenuous physical activities inclusive of hard exercises. Any activity that makes you sweat is not ideal for the first days of treatment.
Swimming, exposure to direct sunlight, sauna or hot tub are the activities to be avoided during the first days of the operation.
You may be advised not to wash your face for a few days or avoid scrubbing to avoid potential irritation and infection.
Rubbing, touching or scratching the harvested or implant areas are banned during the very first days of the treatment.

Due to the local anaesthesia used, you will not have any pain feeling during the procedure.

The DHI method is accepted as best one due to the fact that, it is possible to implant hair follicles up to 3-4 times denser per cm2 area. As a matter of fact, the success rate is higher basically.

The results of beard transplantation are permanent and life-long.

Beard hair transplants are very safe treatments. Please make sure to follow the post-operative instructions, use your prescribed medications and pay attention for hygiene.

Like many other aesthetic treatment, beard transplantation may have some temporary complications such as swelling, redness, numbness or temporary scabs.