Breast reduction surgery is the process of removing excess skin, fat and tissue from the breast. This surgery is carried out to minimize the discomfort caused by large breasts to the body. Breast reduction surgery is a solution for oversized breasts which disturb women due for the pressure they apply on the back and shoulder areas. Upper and lower back pain problems happen because of the extensive size of the breasts. In addition, potential rash and smell problem may cause lack of self-confidence.
Women having discomfort and desire to have a convenient breast size for her body choose this procedure too. A perfect physical comfort and boosted aesthetic appearance can be sustained by this surgical treatment. Abcskyhealth surgery experts in Turkey can define your breast surgery needs precisely and perform their highest surgery techniques to give you sustainable pleasing results.
The purpose of Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey
The purpose of the breast reduction surgery is to obtain the symmetrical and desired size of breast. In this technique, it is purposed to reduce the breast size to improve patients’ self-image and the ability to be more comfortable during physical activities. In addition, the surgery itself ease the discomforts such as chronic back, neck and shoulder pains and sort out the chronic skin irritation problem under the breast area.
How does the Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey performed?
Before breast reduction surgery, breast visuals are taken to organize the surgery plan. The operation is carried out based on the surgery plan conducted.
After the consultation, the process is done with the guidance of certain techniques and plans. In the breast reduction operation; the gladder tissue, skin, adipose tissue and also nipple area of the breast are reduced.
The incisions are performed around the edge of the areola and from the bottom of the areola to the crease under the breasts. This is also called a vertical or lollipop technique.
Another incision in the crease under the breast may also be performed to enable for even more reduction in size if it is required. Mostly the women can find that there is extra skin on to the side of their breast and on the chest wall which is called as bra roll. This so called bra rolls can be corrected. The mentioned bra rolls generally stick out above or below the bra straps on the sides.
The surgeries performed in the sort of lollipops; a visible scar is typically non-existent. Incision performed on the nipples seems non-existent in most of the cases. If the surgery is carried out in an inverted T shape, visible scars may remain. On the other hand, since it is performed on the underside of the breast then no scar is visible when the breasts are in a regular condition. The scar may be visible when the breast is lifted by manually.
Breast Reduction Surgery recovery in Turkey
After your breast reduction surgery, you will stay the first night in hospital. Drains are used to prevent leaks that may occur in the breast area. The drains are removed with an average of 2 days’ time. The patient can shower right after 3 days of dressing applied. Some medications and creams prescribed after surgery by your doctor should be applied as described.
The patient wears a special bra before discharge and uses this bra for about one month. The time for breast to obtain the final shape may vary depending on the technique used.
An average one week is enough for the patient to return back to a normal life after the surgery. A period of six weeks is enough to do some sports activities. Recovery time can vary from patient to patient as naturally. Your expert surgeon will inform you in detail about the recovery period, how to heal properly and follow-up plan that is most convenient for you.
You should avoid doing strong physical activities for at least a month time after the breast reduction surgery in Turkey. Vigorous exercises and heavy lifting are especially to be avoided.
Some breast pain and feel of being tired is expected after the operation in first days. Your expert surgeon will prescribe you pain reliever to make you feel comfortable for these first days.

The breast reduction operation is performed under general anaesthesia condition. The surgery duration also depends on the breast volume but mostly it takes about 2-5 hours for both breasts.

For those patients who have a pregnancy plan, the breastfeeding function could be maintained by using techniques that protect the mammary gland and nipple. In some patients having very large breasts would need sufficient reduction so breastfeeding function could be sacrificed by the desire and approval of the patient.

As with any surgery kind, there may be some pain feeling after the breast reduction operation. Your surgeons will prescribe you pain relievers to overcome this condition and have a comfortable recovery period.

It is recommended to wear a surgical bra or a convenient sports bra for a month after the surgery. Patients should not be doing any strenuous exercises. After the sixth month, the breast would get the best ideal size and shape.

 Breast Reduction Surgery should only be performed when the candidate’s breasts are fully developed. When the development stage of breasts completed the age is not the main concern.