Breast uplift surgeries are performed to return breasts to their former shape caused by pregnancy, gain and lose of weight or natural ageing. Breast lifts are one of the most preferred and favourite operations among women.

In some occasions; breast lifts may not be enough by alone for breasts to regain their desired dimensions. Adding the breast implants in to the breast lift operation plan by a same session helps to attain the best desired results. Your Breast Uplift treatment by abcskyhealth in Turkey will be performed due to your private needs and personal aesthetic goals to make you feel pleased and satisfied with your enhanced breast appearance.

Why does the Breast Uplift Surgery performed?

Your breasts experience changes such as loss of firmness and elasticity related to aging and time. In addition, many factors contribute to these sorts of changes, as mentioned below:

Pregnancy: Pregnancy brings out some outcomes such as your breasts become fuller and heavier. The ligaments which support your breasts can stretch in this case. This issue can contribute to sagging breasts after pregnancy either you are breastfeeding or not.

Weight Change: Remarkable weight changes can also cause and contribute your breast skin to stretch and lose its elasticity.

Gravity Effect: Gravity is also a factor that cause the ligaments in the breasts to stretch and sag by the time.

A breast lift surgery can reduce the sagging problem, raise the position of the nipples and areola which is the darker area surrounding the nipples. The breast areola size can be reduced during this surgery procedure to keep the proportional condition due to the new breast shape.

How does a Breast Uplift Surgery performed in Turkey?

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia conditions. Breast lift surgery usually takes about 2 to 4 hours depending on the technique to be used and operation content. Silicone prosthesis can be placed under breasts for the mild level breast sagging. If the breast sagging is in excessive levels and breast glands are also sufficient; similar procedures to a breast can be performed. When the breast glands are not sufficient, silicone prosthesis is placed under the breast and the skin sagging is corrected as a similar to the breast reduction surgery technique. The extraction of the breast glands is not done in this operation.


How is the recovery for the Breast Uplift Surgery in Turkey?

After a breast lift, your breasts are covered with gauze and you should start to wear the surgical support bra for about four to five days. After that you can wear a soft, supportive bra for three to four weeks’ time.

Small tubes may be placed at the incision sites in your breast to drain any excess blood or fluid. For about two days after the operation, the drains will be removed.

Your breasts may be swollen and bruised for about two weeks. You may feel pain and soreness around the incision sites for the first few days after a breast lift. You can take pain relievers as directed by your doctor. You should avoid bending, tugging, and lifting. You can sleep on your back or side to reduce pressure on your breasts.

These incision sites will be red or pink for a few months. Numbness in your nipples, areolas, and breast skin can last about six weeks.

You can take shower about one to two days after the drains are removed. The stitches are removed after about two weeks’ time. It is recommended to continue to wear a sports bra for 4 weeks. This bra is to reduce the pain feeling of the patient and to make them feel more confident and also to provide full support to the breasts during healing. It is normal to have some edema after surgery and then your breasts shape begins to appear obviously when the edema disappears. It may take about 8-12 weeks for the breast to gain its final shape.

A breast lift may have some complication possibilities such as:

Scarring: The scar healing will be continuous during the healing period but some scars will soften and fade away within one years’ time. The potential scars are hidden by bra or bikini.

Changes in nipple or sensation: Sense and sensation return within several weeks’ time, some loss of feeling may be rarely permanent. The erotic nature of the sensation is unaffected.

Irregularity and asymmetry of the breast: An already existing asymmetry may not be fully successfully corrected.

The breast lift may be open to some complication possibilities like all major surgery methods such as bleeding and a possible side effect of anaesthesia.

The abcskyhealth expert surgeons will use cutting edge technology in state of art clinics with latest techniques in order to give you best and safest treatment results with a high comfort.

Things to avoid after breast uplift surgery in Turkey:

You should stay away from lifting, carrying or pushing heavy stuff for three to four weeks.

You should avoid sexual relation for at least one to two weeks and heavy sports for at least one month after the surgery.

You should use a sports bra regularly after the surgery for the advised timeline.

Is there any age restriction for Breast Uplift Surgery?

Fully growth of breasts and taking their final shape is completed at eighteen and over by physically and medically. This is a medical necessity as much as it’s a medical ethics.  

Yes, it’s safe to have breast uplift surgery in Turkey. Your expert surgeons in Turkey are using highest skills and the hospitals using latest technology.

Your surgeon usually does not need to decrease the breast volume with a lift unless you want to have it smaller. A breast lift surgery changes your breast shape and position but intended to change your size unless you desire a reduction.

Breast augmentation surgery can be combined with breast lift surgery in same session. On the other hand, it should only be done by highly experienced plastic surgeons.