A dental implant is used to support one or more false teeth by the simplest explanation. Implants are artificial tooth roots which made of titanium material that are surgically placed into the jawbone. This technique is processed in order to support false/replacement teeth or a bridge. Dental Implant just functions like a tooth root.
Implants are a safe and well-established sort of a treatment if it is carried out by an expert. It’s a possible truth to say that dental implants; much like the natural teeth, may last for years and years as long as you show sufficient care for them as prescribed by your expert surgeon. If your implants are well cared after, and if the bone structure which they are fitted to is strong and healthy, you can even expect them to accompany you during your lifetime sometimes basically. However, just as with other surgical implants there is not always a lifetime guarantee.
It is also useful to define such like, the implant serve and function as an anchor for the crowns or prostheses to be placed on to them. This treatment can be processed in a wide scale from a single tooth defects to a total tooth loss condition. In abcskyhealth clinics, your expert surgeons will conduct an extensive consultation and offer you the best options for your dental implant treatment. Your dental implant treatment will be processed by top-notch dental surgeons with latest techniques and state-of-art facilities.
Cost of Dental Implant in Turkey
If you are an individual seeking for an affordable and reasonable  solution for a missing or damaged teeth, dental implants treatment in Turkey may be the best solution. In abcskyhealth clinics, we are committed to provide high-end quality material, latest technology with the experience of top-notch dental experts. Providing high quality and still being an affordable option is our success and pride in compare to other foreign countries and clinics. In abcskyhealth clinics, our expert dentists and surgeons use the latest techniques and technology in order to ensure a successful dental implant procedure and comfortable ground.
We are striving to offer the best affordable rates and be able to be successful due to the lower cost nature of material and our affordable service availability in Turkey. Our understanding of service quality depends on being reliable and sustainable by service quality and affordable price understanding. As a conclusion, we are confident to provide the best implant treatment in abcskyhealth with the best price without sacrificing the quality standards we promise to you.
Every individual has right and deserve to improve his/her overall health and aesthetic condition. Dental implant treatments are inclusive of this natural right for a possible missing tooth that needs to be replaced. That’s why we always provide transparent pricing and eager to offer finance options to assist dental implants treatments more accessible to ever individual.
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Advantages of having your Dental Implants with us:
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How we take pride in our work:
Expert dentists: Our selective network and team of experienced dentists have years of hands on experience in practice of dental implant services. They all promise to provide the best by heart care to our valued patients.
High-End technology & techniques: In abcskyhealth clinics, the latest techniques, technology and equipment used to sustain the high success and enable comfortable dental implant procedures.
Competitive affordable pricing: We offer affordable dental implant services without compromising on quality.
VIP transportation service:  VIP transportation services are provided by us to sustain your comfort during your visit to Antalya for your treatment.
Concierge Services: Our experienced leisure professionals are eager to assist you for a possible personal solutions need about your medical travel aspects with care and high sense.
Spectacular Destination: Antalya is a beautiful city with a wonderful nature, flora, fauna and many attractions to experience. Abcskyhealth will be by your side and ease you to explore and enjoy your times in here. You will have many opportunities in addition of having the best smile with your dental treatment.
You can consult us today and our by professional team will be in contact with you for to schedule a consultation for you. You will access a detailed consultation by experts whom has years of experience in the field and have the best affordable prices. Your medical treatment plan will be inclusive of complimentary benefits as well.

This procedure performed by an expert oral surgeons whom also have some specific and hands on training in order to be able to process the implant treatment. Abcskyhealth expert surgeons will identify the best implant treatment option for you and perform successfully.

Dental Implants are known as a safe and precisely processed treatment. It’s also probably true to point out that dental implants; much like your natural teeth will last long as long as you care for them. Abcskyhealth clinics offer you the safest treatment with top-notch clinic facilities with expert oral surgeons.

Usually it takes at least 2-5 months in many cases. As the implant heals and bonds with the bone, it creates a permanent bond. This is also called as Osseo integration. The integration capability of the patient depends on the patient’s age, bone quality and systemic condition in order for the implants to fuse-integrate with the bone after placement. Abcskyhealth experts will provide you precise information about your process.

Local anaesthesia will be given during the tooth extraction phase and will prevent the pain feeling during treatment. In addition you will be prescribed painkiller so will be helpful for you to have a comfortable post-operative period. Temporary discomfort feeling is not expected.

In some cases it is possible as where only one tooth is extracted and an implant is placed without cutting the gum in its empty socket.

Smoking and especially heavy smoking negatively affects healing, Osseo-integration and increases the risk that implants may not heal-integrate properly after they are placed.

Like any oral surgical procedure, there may temporary complications such as inflammation and pain feeling. Your dental surgery expert will discuss and advice how these can be managed for your specific situation. The dental expert will also prescribe relevant medications to eliminate possibilities and enable a comfortable recovery progress.