Dental Implants or Dental Bridges

When you will need to replace any of your missing teeth, you have many options to choose basically. Dental implants and dental bridges are two widely known and performed treatment options. Let’s try to identify and clarify which one may be a right solution for you.

How Do a Dental Implant Technique Work?


A dental implant is as an artificial tooth root which typically made from titanium material that is anchored in the space of a missing tooth. A temporary protective cover is placed on the implant during while it fuses with the jawbone.

This process can take time from five to six months to be complete. It conducts an incredibly stable, durable prosthetic. The protective cover which mentioned is later can be replaced with a temporary crown. The temporary crown serves as a template around which the gum grows and shapes itself in a natural process. The dental implant process is completed when the temporary crown is replaced by your permanent crown.

How do a Dental Bridge Work?

 A dental bridge can be seen as a less invasive method in a way and also can be seen as a more invasive method in comparison with a dental implant. Unlike the dental implants, dental bridges do not replace a tooth root. On the contrary a dental bridge uses one or more adjacent teeth as a support or like the foots of a bridge to attach a crown replace the missing tooth. This treatment process is accepted shorter than the implant process but in some ways it is actually more invasive because it needs to shave and grind the adjacent tooth in order to support the bridge. As it comes from its name a dental bridge, function as a bridge for the gap between teeth due to a missing tooth. The restorated teeth must be anchored to one or more filed adjacent teeth to sustain the support function.

Am i a good candidate for dental implant or bridge? 

Both of Dental implants and dental bridges have defined eligibility requirements that you must met in order to be accepted as a convenient candidate. This can be determined during an initial consultation with your abcskyhealth dental expert in Turkey Antalya.

X-ray or CT scans will be used to check and evaluate your bone density and quality Smokers should avoid smoking before and after the implant operation due to the potential risk of implant failure due to the negative effects of smoking on bone structure and healing. In addition, individuals whom have diabetes or some periodontal diseases may need additional advanced treatments in order to be eligible for dental implant treatment.

To be a good candidate for a Dental bridge has more strict conditions than Dental implant because of the relative invasive nature of the dental bridge technique. The major factor to be a good candidate for a bridge treatment is the overall health and stability on the adjacent supporting teeth. If you have any periodontal disease, tooth chips, decay or cracks; you may need to have some additional treatments to sustain the adjacent teeth to be strong enough to support a dental bridge.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Dental Implants in Turkey


Less maintenance need.

One major detail about dental implants is that they can long last a lifetime if they are high quality. They may require little maintenance.

Natural look

Dental implants make your teeth function, look and fells like your very own natural tooth. They are actually strong, stable and besides they make your your smile confident.

Protect the jawbone

Having an open space due to a missing tooth in your mouth can risk your jawbone about deterioration. Dental implants can stimulate the natural bone growth, which serves for prevention of bone loss.

No Strain

Dental implant stands on its own support without causing a strain for the adjacent teeth. This condition helps and support for the protection of adjacent teeth.



The placement of the implant in to the jawbone requires a dental surgery. There may be complications like many other surgical treatments. Some of the rare complications may include damage to surrounding teeth, nerve damage, and jaw fractures


Getting dental implants is not a process that is performed in a single clinic visit. Jawbone heals better by the time and the entire procedure can long from three months to four months’ time due to the recovery ability of the patient.


The cost may vary depending on the type of implant used and the surgery content. The cost factor associated with having a dental implant is often what makes people consider about. Still the advantage of implants makes it a worthy choice.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Bridges


Procedure simplicity

Dental bridges do not require dental surgery which makes bridges less painful. All it takes is a simple dental procedure to get your teeth fixed.

More faster

It’s faster and easier to get dental bridge treatment whereas implants may take few months.

More affordable

Bridges are more affordable than implants in generally.


Less Aesthetical Look

Dental Bridges do not look natural as dental implants do and patients are not pleased as much as pleased from dental implants. Implants look more aesthetical than dental bridges.  

Periodic replacement

Dental Bridges need to be replaced periodically. They should be replaced by every 5-7 years period of time which is a burden as time and financial.

Natural teeth damage

The adjacent healthy teeth undergo a lot of shaving and preparation that means the removal of a remarkable amount of tooth structure from these teeth.

Abcskyhealth dental surgeons in Turkey Antalya are using the modern techniques with cutting edge technology in state of art clinics in Antalya. Your detailed consultations and appointments with your dentists will find the best answer for which techniques serves best for your needs and wants. Our experts will be providing you different treatment options by very affordable rates in our clinics.