DHI the Direct Hair Implantation technique is the most advanced and innovative hair restoration treatment performed with a Choi implanter pen device in order to treat hair loss both in men and women painlessly and more comfortably in a shorter time.
In spite of DHI technique is essentially based on the FUE technique, DHI hair transplantation is partially observed and considered as a new hair transplantation technique. The major difference with of DHI with FUE technique is; it is not necessary to open the canal before transplanting the hair follicles by DHI.  In hair transplantation performed with the DHI Choi pen technique, the grafts extracted from the donor area are transplanted directly to the recipient area. DHI is very different to older methods so that it leaves absolutely no visible scaring and provides more natural results. In abcskyhealth clinics, our hair transplantation experts are using the latest techniques and best equipment in state of art facilities to provide you astonishing hair transplantation results in Turkey.
What is the DHI Hair Transplant technique?
The DHI hair transplant technique is performed under local anaesthesia. Hair follicles received from the donor area are transferred directly to the recipient area with a DHI pen.
The follicular unit collected from the donor area is placed on the needle of the implanting pen for implantation.
The DHI hair transplant process involves transplanting your healthy donor hairs inside channels that are opened simultaneously. A special device known as the CHOI Pen is used to directly implant your donor hairs by creating channels and transplanting your hairs into them at the same time.
Thanks for the DHI hair transplant technique, the exact angle of the hair can be determined while implantation which allows for a completely natural looking with the best results. The special choi implanter pen device is used to implant each and every hair with a high precision and best accuracy. DHI allows for achieving a much fuller and thicker results as well as looking same like a natural full hair.
One of the major advantages of DHI technique is; the patient will recover in a shorter time. The hair transplantation patient will only have to stay in Turkey for three or four days at most.
How does the DHI hair transplantation technique performed in Turkey?
The DHI technique can be performed under local anaesthesia. The DHI implanter pen is used to directly transplant hair follicles extracted from the donor area to the recipient area.
The follicular unit received from your donor area is placed inside the Choi needle. Hair follicles with the convenient thickness are placed on the needles by varying diameters at an angle of 40-45 degrees. The follicles will be planted one by one in the designated area according to the hair transplantation planning. The Choi pen’s needle pushes the hair follicle simultaneously and inserts it in the channel that is opened in the scalp.
In a typical DHI hair transplantation process; two Choi pens and an average of 10-12 different Choi tips at least are used in DHI hair transplant operations. Due to the thickness of the hair, different diameter tips and pens are chosen before the operation start.
In comparison with the older methods; the latest DHI hair transplantation technique enables to implant almost 3 times more hair follicles per each cm2 area. In some circumstances, while you can implant 100 hairs with the older techniques like FUE, you can implant more than 250 hairs with latest DHI technique.
DHI hair transplantation risks are extremely minimal. In compared with the older methods, there is almost no bleeding, almost no risk of infection, no complications, and just only a few temporary side-effects that last at most a week. These temporary side effects are typically limited by swelling and bruising.
The DHI hair transplant procedure typically takes 5-8 hours. This time frame may change due to the size, area and the number of follicles to be transplanted during the procedure. Both for men and women, the dhi method is very efficient and has satisfactory results.
DHI hair transplantation technique is known as a breakthrough in hair transplant procedures to achieve the most natural looking results. The Choi implanter pen use makes it possible to implant hair more densely, with a so little impact on the integrity of the skin. You will have your best hair transplantations in Turkey by the abcskyhealth hair transplant professionals using the latest techniques with best equipment.
How is the recovery progress for the DHI hair transplantation in Turkey?
You will be guided and receive professional aftercare in order to make sure that you recover successfully and well. The bandage and head band will be applied after the completion of your procedure. You will be prescribed with the relevant medications as well.
The first hair washing will be performed in one or two days after the operation by the clinic expert. The bandages will be removed right before your first wash and you will not need them anymore. Relevant hair care products for your recovery and post treatment will be supplied and the correct use will be instructed to you in detail. In addition, the crusts that naturally occur on your scalp will be totally washed away around the 7 th day after the hair transplant operation.
An itching feeling is very common and occurs on the very first few days after your procedure. You must not touch or scratch your scalp in any way in order to avoid root damage for any of the implanted hairs. You will be also prescribed a medication for itching condition.
It is paramount and a must that you avoid any of possible strong contact to your scalp for the first 10 days in order to avoid any implanted hairs to being uprooted. Wearing of any cap, hat or any items that can make contact with your head must to be avoided.
The examination for the hair follicles and first overall condition of the process will be performed by abcskyhealth clinic experts.  A gradually relaxation will come to you due to healing gets better and better by all means day by day. The first few days after DHI hair transplantation are the most delicate times. You can return back to your country after the second day of the treatment.
Around by twenty days after the operation, the implanted hairs will begin to fall off. This is called a shock fall syndrome. This is a natural healthy response of the body and those same hairs begin their permanent growth after around three months. After the sixth month of the dhi hair transplantation, more than fifty percent of your new hairs will have grown.
You will be able to see the full results maximum by ten to twelve months’ time. The healing and post-operative period progress may show variations by each individual since every individual have varied healing abilities and medical backgrounds.  Abcskyhealth clinic experts will be by your side for post-operative period and later stages to follow-up in order to make you feel comfortable and achieve the best results.
Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant Technique
Choi pens are truly surgical tools that reduce tissue damage during the transplantation process which enable the wound healing to be remarkably fast.
DHI hair transplantation technique allows for more implant density per cm2 area in hair transplant session.
DHI hair transplant technique enable the hair grafts to be implanted faster and has a low graft death rate due for the time the hair follicles spend outside is reduced.
Small incisions performed in DHI have the major advantage of lowering the risk of bleeding.
There is a painless and fast recovery process.
Another advantage of the DHI technique is, it can be performed without shaving in some circumstances.
DHI Hair Transplant for Women’s
Due to the advancements in technology and with the new techniques, the number of individuals benefit from hair transplantation is growing. In addition, capability of what can be achieved more in hair transplantation is expanded thanks to minimally invasive hair transplant technique DHI.
The DHI is a breakthrough method for hair transplantation in women due to its unshaven hair transplant function too. Women’s planning for hair transplantation in Turkey will have the best treatment options via top notch hair transplant experts of abcskyhealth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Local anaesthesia is used in DHI technique so you will not have any pain feeling during the procedure.

DHI Hair Transplants are safe. It is recommended strictly to comply with the hygiene standards and regularly use the medications prescribed during your recovery to ensure a safe progress.

Every patient may have a different experience due to their physical overall abilities too but on average it will take 6-12 months to be able to see the hair grow. Vast majority of patient also experience visible hair growth just in five months.

This depends on if the area to be transplanted is very large then a secondary session may be required in some cases.

Anyone who is a convenient candidate for hair transplantation can benefit from the DHI hair transplant technique. This is determined by a consultation and some tests via your hair transplant experts.

Like any other surgeries, the dhi treatment has its complication possibilities. However, possible complications of a hair transplant surgery are very rare and minimal. These may include some pain feeling, slight swelling, redness and numbness which are known as temporary. The prescribed pain relievers and medication will give you enough comfort

Use of Anticoagulant (blood thinners) must be stopped before undergoing hair transplant surgery. You need to inform the clinic experts about any chronic diseases, possible allergies you have or the medications you use on a regular basis. If your scalp has eczema or another skin disease, it should be treated by a dermatologist before the hair transplant surgery. You must stop smoking and use of alcohol at least a week days before the procedure.