Eyebrow transplantation can be explained as the new eyebrow regrowth treatment by transfer of the hair follicles received from the individuals own donour area to the eyebrow area. The eyebrow transplantation procedure is similar to a DHI Hair transplantation technique. With this method eyebrow hair grafts are also may receive from hairs above your ears. Eyebrow graft placement is very important during the design phase for a natural-looking result.
In which circumstances does eyebrow transplantation performed?
Eyebrow transplantation is a hair transplant variant performed to thicken and reshape the eyebrows. Many men and women may not be pleased with the appeal of their eyebrows for varied reasons mainly by some genetic factors. Deformity and eyebrow hair loss can be in between these mentioned causes.
In nowadays; the permanent makeup is a popular solution among ladies but it’s not a permanent option and must be repeated at regular intervals. Vast majority of women and men prefer to undergo eyebrow transplantation due to it’s a permanent solution for sparse eyebrows, eyebrow thinning, gaps in the eyebrows and other variety of concerns. If you are at the age of 18 or over by having sufficient hair follicles in your donour area, then you may be a good candidate for eyebrow transplantation.  
How does an eyebrow transplant in Turkey performed?
Eyebrow transplantation is a hair transplant technique that is very comfortable and practical as application. In expert hands with the use of right treatment protocol, perfect results with high patient satisfaction can be achieved without any doubt.
The DHI technique is frequently used in eyebrow transplantation due to it’ more practical, safe, comfortable and less complication possibility.
In DHI technique, there is no need for a canal opening. Process is practiced a Choi needle or in other words an implant pen. Grafts taken from the donor area can be directly implanted in the eyebrow area during an eyebrow transplant with this method. DHI technique, also known as the Choi pen technique, allows for a more comfortable treatment and a quicker healing process. Eyebrow transplantation using the DHI method has another significant advantage. The eyebrows can be shaped much efficient and better in the narrow eyebrow area due to the ergonomics provided by the Choi pen. This advantage is game changing because one of the factors that influence our facial expressions is the position and appeal of our eyebrows.
As a matter of fact, it is paramount for eyebrows to appear in harmony with your facial feature with a natural look. When compared to many other techniques, eyebrow transplantation using the DHI technique can better shape the growth direction of the hair follicles, resulting in much more natural-looking results.
In eyebrow transplant procedure, local anaesthesia is used. This ensures a comfortable feeling during the process. In the next stage, the extraction of hair roots from the donor area is then performed. The number of hair follicles extracted varies with the size of the area to be planted. In vast majority cases, grafts are taken from the back of the head as a donor area. Besides, the nape of the neck may be an option which is more resistant to hair loss.
You may not be a convenient candidate for eyebrow lift, if you have the below health conditions:
Bleeding problems
Alopecia areata
History of cosmetic surgery complications
After the eyebrow transplantation procedure:
There may be a slight redness and crusting in the eyebrow area during first 3-4 days of the procedure.
The eyebrows will start to grow gradually from the 3rd month and gain a complete natural appearance at the end of the 7th or 8th month. The eyebrows planted in the first year will show the similar features of the donor area and will grow faster like hair. After the first year, your eyebrows will start to grow like your own eyebrows due to they will be carrying the genetic characteristics of the area where they are planted. You will witness a complete natural look with a beautiful design.
You may need to avoid strenuous exercise for up to two weeks after your surgery. If you notice any swelling, bleeding or pus at the treatment area, you contact your surgeon.

An eyebrow transplant has a relatively short recovery period. Within the first few days, you’ll notice some scabs around the eyebrows. You shouldn’t touch them.

It can be recommended for all women or men having issues with their eyebrows due to varied reasons such as genetic, accident or disease. As a matter of fact, the natural appeal can be achieved in a short recovery time with comfort.

For the eyebrow transplant technique, it will be better for not to use blood thinners before the surgery. You should stop smoking and drinking alcohol for one week before the treatment

Like any other surgeries, the eyebrow transplant treatment has its complication possibilities.  Swelling, bruising and scarring are rarely seen conditions. If you carefully follow the instructions for post-operative period by your expert physician, you will have a more safe and comfortable progress.