Frequently Asked Questions

You should bring your previous hospital and clinic reports, previous related examination results and medical image reports such as X-rays etc.

Abcskyhealth provides a professional translator and health assistance service upon your request. You will be welcomed by an interpreter staff at the airport and cover assistance during the procedures

Turkey is a safe country where you can have comfort in by all means. In addition it is a unique country which enables 4 seasons at a time and presents a diverse rich culture with a spectacular nature. Sea, sun, sand, turquoise blue waters, gastronomy, cultural events, historical sites and remains, entertainment facilities and many attractions are the advantages. Its rapidly developing economy has sustained the comfort, safety and luxury in the country. Worldwide standards luxury accommodation, varied entertainment facilities, technology, life style and health care quality is in competition with Europe and America. These advantages totally make Turkey a first choice for medical travellers around the globe. Turkey has experienced doctors, state of art health facilities and health institutions with technological equipment and which are internationally accredited. Providing the latest techniques in addition with high quality by very affordable rates is a big advantage about Turkey also.

If you are trying to choose a dental implant clinic in Turkey, this may seem a bit complicated to decide because in nowadays there are so many options present around. Actually it is paramount to do your own research and choose a clinic that value your needs and operate an expertise treatment and care.

Some top major tips to choose a dental implant clinic in Turkey can be as follows:

You should seek for a clinic with expert and professional dentists who have special hands on experience about dental implant procedures and treatments.  In abcskyhealth clinics, our top-notch expert dentists have many years of field experience about dental implant services. Besides they use the modern technology and latest techniques to ensure successful procedures.

It is good to check testimonials and before-after visuals due to previous patients. Abcskyhealth has a proven success rates about patient satisfaction and visuals of previous patients whom received quality dental treatments and dental care. The clinic must have accreditation and relevant certifications. Abcskyhealth clinics are accredited by the Turkish Dental Association and comply with international dentistry standards.

Take an eye on the accessibility and location of the dental clinic. Abcskyhealth clinic is located in the heart of Antalya which is a leading touristic destination enabling varied leisure opportunities within.

VIP Transfer is another important aspect you will need during your medical travel. The safety and quality of the transfers will assure your comfort and save time mostly.

Pay importance to seek for a clinic which offers affordable and competitive rates. The pricing and cost understanding must be transparent. Abcskyhealth clinics offer affordable dental implant services without compromising on quality.

Please feel free to contact us today and let’s schedule a free consultation about how we can assist you to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile in your mind.

Shall you desire to stay more after completion of your initial treatment; our expert team will be helping you to extend your stay. Please let us know in advance due to availability and related conditions.

If you are an EU citizen already, it is not necessary to get a visa.

Should you like to check latest conditions and details in wide, you can visit official website of “Electronic Visa page" for Republic of Turkey

Our new special offer is called the loyalty program. If the person you refer to us uses our services, you will be entitled to a special discount on your next treatment. You can use this special discount in any of our treatment services.

Shall you have any private request which is not mentioned at the moment on our abcskyhealth website, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional team will contact you promptly and accurately. We will be identifying your needs and match the best health expert to do first free consultation and advanced health solution.

Abcskyhealth travel professionals will be glad to be assisting for any travel needs and aspects. Let us know your request and we will be eager to find the best and affordable solutions.

We offer regular follow-up after completion of your treatment. This service will continue after you return back to your country. Abcskyhealth builds a continuous connection like a bridge in between you and your expert doctor.

Antalya is a spectacular touristic destination offering varied attractions and experiences worth to live. Our travel experts will precisely organize all sorts of services and events you may desire such as blue voyage, hotel reservation, rafting, historical sites visit, tour itinerary planning, rent a car, event organisation, helicopter tour, special day arrangement etc. Concierge services are available in abcskyhealth portfolio.

Our professional team can assist you to find affordable flight options upon your request.

If your medical treatment plan involves with surgery, having someone to accompany is beneficial and wise. Shall your medical treatment plan does not require surgery, bear in mind that Antalya is a perfect holiday location to experience many leisure attractions. You can use this as an opportunity.