So many facilities and medical service providers present considerable authority in hair transplants so you are on the stage of deciding about where to go for it. We will be glad to be assisting you to pick the best centre in varied aspects.

Since the hair loss treatments are procedures that processed also in overseas location and destinations, you will definitely need a tailor made medical travel plan as much as a hair transplantation treatment plan.

Going to an abroad destination for medical purpose ultimately needs to find professional about travel and leisure assistance as well. Please search and identify that if your provider have ability to supply  you a plan by End to End services from the time you get off the board till you will be on board.

A healthy, expert, caring and professional service will make your time in Turkey not just consisting of medical times but nice leisure memories to experience.

Abcskyhealth Hair Transplantation experts in Turkey-Antalya will be providing you the best hair transplantation results by using modern hair transplantation techniques with the latest technology.

There are several aspects to be counted while picking the most convenient clinic:

  1. Experience

The main fundamental thing is to do sufficient search about the specialists and their experience. It is not the facility to be in terms of very luxury but the specialists’ expertise and skills are what makes to accomplish the hair transplant successfully. You can check for the visuals and so called before afters visuals to identify the quality of the processes performed by the clinic. Feel free to ask varied questions you prepare in advance in order to understand the professionalism of the service providers to be absolutely sure about their vision and abilities.

  1. Reliability

Hair transplantation is an end to end service especially if it is processed in abroad. It requires many qualification and expertise during the process inclusive of assistance as well. You have received the treatment with a pleasing process but the progress still continues.

After care instructions and support is paramount and your best choice provider must be hosting you with a sensitive care. You shouldn’t be left alone after you discharge from the clinic and left alone with your times which you may feel sensible as naturally.

Physically and psychologically, it’s your medical service provider’s responsibility to be by your side. Reliability does not only consist of showing and promising the service standards but also give a by heart care for the patient with a professional hosting.


  1. Social media

To visit the service providers’ web site is a wise choice to understand what they offer about hair transplantation. Understanding their ethical and medical approach is paramount in order to do the rightest pick. A right service provider should be expert and capable about every possible aspects of a medical travel need such as handling of possible leisure aspects during your time in Turkey such as accommodation, transfers, assistance and even concierge services to sustain all matters of comfort inclusive of medical ones.

Rather than relying on the google surveys and some comments which we would like to encourage you; you should check the providers’ web site to see the relevant information’s. In addition,instagram can be a convenient way for this and you will witness the real outcome and results for yourself inclusive of asking and referring to the provider simultaneously.

  1. Book different consultations

Prepare your questions and inquiries properly in advance and get your first consultations from each facility and provider. You will need to know and learn about which treatment and content will be most appropriate for you. You can also book multiple free consultations and discussion on this would ease with making your choice.

  1. Communication and sincere

You can eliminate the hair transplant centres that do not communicate or response within a convenient time limit or for those who do not choose to answer your questions. Their knowledge, professionalism and experience will be clearly evident by their way of communication. If you experience that they are trying to rush you for a decision, give yourself more time to find the best. Take your time to consider sufficiently. It’s wiser to use your instinct to select only the people you feel most comfortable with after a proper search you made.

  1. Unrealistic Offers – Down to earth

Has your hair transplantation clinic offered you some unrealistic plans like “7000 grafts in one session” or implant higher amounts of grafts despite of you have a poor donor area? The ideal and average number of grafts that can be ideally extracted in a day is almost around 4000 grafts. Excessive graft extraction in one whole session can be a big mistake as it decrease the graft survival chance as well as limit your donor grafts for any future hair transplant if you may need. You can choose the ones speaking the whole truth by down to earth information’s.  Exaggerated offers can have negative consequences.



  1. Product Offering

Some facilities may offer you extra services to pay for alternative products mostly are an actually selling strategy.Some derivatives of prp applications may or may not make a huge difference and even if there is, it is not game changing as hair transplantation. The results may not be permanent ,game changing and also you will need continuous use of these applications. Do not only rely on single offers and make your decision by considering several aspects all together.

  1. Added Value – Value Added

As a last and the core important thing is the offer should be processed with an added value. What does your hair transplantation offer to you? 

Vast Majority of hair transplant Turkey providers offer hotel accommodation for 2-3 nights and airport-hotel transfers. Some may offer more as their choice of vision. Medication should also be included in the package. The hotel must be comfortable, clean, in quality and having good standards with a great hospitality. If you are offered by extra accommodation nights, you can check that if the provider can make you have a worthy leisure times in Turkey.

  1. Follow Up – Caring

One of the very sensitive and important factors is the follow up after surgery. Your clinic and provider is expected to guarantee you that they will do follow up during your recovery and hair regrowth period. Your calls and emails should be precisely responded with care when you are back at home.


Why to have your Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Turkey offers great hair transplant packages and deals. As an addition, individuals can undergo procedures at much more affordable prices than in many overseas locations. It is also a proven fact that, Turkey’s hair transplant results are found highly skilled in compare to many rivals. This is why Turkey consistently hosts a huge number of medical vacationers from everywhere in the world.


Why to choose abcskyhealth in Turkey?

In abcskyhealth clinics, our network of hair transplantation experts use the latest skills combined with modern equipment to give you affordable treatments with the finest results.