One of an important issue is medical travel insurance when it’s time to go for a foreign destination. You can find relevant details in the frequently asked questions section below. If you already sign up for an insurance plan, please refer to your service provider to have the up to date information and specific conditions.

What does a Medical Travel Insurance mean?

Medical Travel insurance provides cover for the cost of any emergency medical treatments during a trip. These insurance packages will provide travellers to have an insured vacation in Turkey, due to extend of the insurance plan content. You can refer and check with your service provider for the extend of your plan if you already have one.

Turkey is a leading destination by the responsibility and sense it has shown towards the potential visitor and tourists.  The ‘’ Safe Tourism ‘’ accreditation program defines this official state of vision.

Is Medical Travel Insurance Required for a Turkish Visa?

Travel insurance is a need when you plan for travel to abroad. We advise you to have your insurance plan in advance before you go for a travel to a foreign country. Shall you need assistance; our network of official providers will be at your service for assist.

What factors affect the Cost of travel insurance?

The extent of your travel insurance, the length of your stay, your age, the length of your stay and any accompanying person and age will affect the type of health insurance you purchase.

Does my Medical Travel Insurance cover a missed flight?

Medical travel insurance may offset and provide coverage for a missed flight if there is an inclusive clause in the contract.

Please bear in mind that, an insurance provider will request a valid reason in order to pay and cover your missed flight such like an immediate illness or a major accident.

Does the Medical Travel Insurance cover all of my medical expenses in Turkey?

Clauses and contents of travel insurance do not cover most of your medical expenses. These contract clauses can just cover you for an accident happen during your travel or for an unexpected illness condition in Turkey. All the relevant detail should via checked via your insurance service provider.

How can I have my Medical Travel Insurance for Turkey?

You may consider getting travel insurance via an international travel insurance company. In addition you have many choices in local whom provide and sell travel insurance packages. There are also travel agencies in Turkey to find assistance to buy insurance packages.  To be clearly speaking, it is best to decide and purchase the insurance package in advance of your trip to abroad to feel under cover and safe.

How is the extent of a Medical Travel Insurance Plan?

Costs Cover

Inpatient Treatment

A potential need as an inpatient stay in hospital brings out costs due to the inpatient stay is only covered in some health facilities which have contract with your provider.  The health facilities with no contracts with your providers apply some rates.

In a condition such like to have an outpatient treatment, the cost of treatment inclusive of tests, x-ray or diagnose are paid by your insurance due to contract and content. 

Prescription of Medication

An insurance can cover some medical costs if there will be a health issue due to a sickness leads to be treated out by inpatient heath care. 

Who is paid by insurance company due to an accepted package cover?

Payment for an insurance cover is made by insurance companies just to the second party as the person who purchase the insurance plan.  Any payment for a third party such as airline company, hotel or facility is not performed.

Does travel insurance service have age limitation?

Upper age limitation may show variations due to company policy which can be up to 70. Please refer to your insurance provider to get the up to date information.