About Us

Our Mission

As an international group of brands, we are based in UKĀ  and have local network of our own colleagues in Turkey-Antalya.

In abcskyhealth, we believe every individual needs to have the best medical care and have the opportunity to boost their health and life quality. We care greatly on to find the best advanced medical treatment technologies with experienced health care experts. Abcskyhealth combine this understanding with the principles such as honesty, transparency and privacy.

Since every individual treatment plan details are unique due to nature of a medical travel, we show highest commitment to meet the expectations and needs by personalised solutions.

  • Find accurate solutions for our patients by before and after their treatment process.
  • Provide health care services by modern techniques with affordable rates.
  • Value and understand the personal needs and expectations of the individuals due to their medical travel plans.
  • Sustain the protection of patient rights during the whole treatment stages and process.

Sustain a comfortable and safe medical journey for the patient in abroad

Our Vision

  • Analytic and sensual service understanding in order to add an extra value to medical travel services provided.
  • International hands-on travel sector experience in order to achieve the highest satisfaction.
  • Reliability and extensive service provider with a by heart hospitality with commitment.