Are you not pleased with the shape or size of your nose or having breathing issues due to the shape of your nose? There is the solution and you don’t need to worry anymore. Abcskyhealth is here to help you sort this out.
The main purpose of rhinoplasty ( nose job) is to reshape the nose to improve your facial aesthetics and correct the structural problems in the nose. Rhinoplasty surgical procedure can alter the size, shape, or proportions of your nose. This procedure can also correct structural issues that cause breathing problems. Our expert plastic surgeons create a facial balance, correct the size and positions of the nostrils, eliminate visible humps on the bridge and nasal tip and improve nasal symmetry.
Before planning the rhinoplasty surgery, your facial features and your expectations will be taken into consideration by your expert surgeon and a custom treatment plan will be prepared for you. Abcskyhealth will provide you to access the top-notch surgeons using the latest modern techniques and cutting edge technology in order to give you the best look by rhinoplasty surgery.
The rhinoplasty surgery reshapes and change size of a nose which definitely is affective on the facial expression. Being unhappy with the shape or size of the nose can lead to low confidence and emotional concerns. As a matter of fact, rhinoplasty surgery is favoured by ladies and both men and it is one of the most favourite desired treatments in worldwide.
Rhinoplasty Surgery Techniques:
In order to process rhinoplasty surgery; two distinctive techniques are used widely. These techniques are commonly preferred and being successful for the patients.
Open Rhinoplasty Surgery:
In open rhinoplasty procedure, it is performed by placing a small incision from the lower part between the nostrils. Opening of this section provides a better view for the surgeon.  Mostly, the procedures processed in the cartilage and bones are the same as the closed technique. Open rhinoplasty technique can be performed for the patients with advanced deformity, abnormality or a history of a previous surgery.
The main advantage of the open rhinoplasty technique is, it provides the expert surgeon with a wide variety of views and use. On the other hand, by the use of closed rhinoplasty technique; nasal tip edema and bruising formation would stay longer.
Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery:
Closed Rhinoplasty surgery is performed by making the incision through the nostrils. The biggest advantage of closed surgery is that the incision is processed outside the nose, which protects the natural soft tissues inside the nose better.
In closed rhinoplasty technique, the incisions are made in the nostrils. A surgical operation performed with closed technique brings a lower angle of view in terms of surgery but there is also no possibility of a stitch appearance from the outside. In addition, the recovery time is relatively shorter than the open rhinoplasty technique.
Which surgeries may be performed tohether with Rhinoplasty in Turkey?
Plastic surgeries are sometimes processed in a single surgical appointment due to convenience. Sorting out numerous sort of aesthetic surgery procedures in this method enables only one recovery period and being only one time under general anesthesia. Rhinoplasty surgery technique is very frequently performed in same session with other facial and body operations.
Your consultation will be processed by expert surgeons so that to identify how eligible you are for the simultaneous aesthetic surgeries in a one whole session.
Rhinoplasty is also performed in conjunction with many body aesthetic operations as well as some specific facial surgeries. You can consult our expert abcskyhealth surgeons to clarify which ones are convenient to add on your tailor-made individual treatment plan. Your surgeon will carefully analyse your overall health status, age, gender, medical history and background due to.
Some treatment samples that Rhinoplasty surgery can be paired with:
  • Chin augmentation
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Face Liposuction
  • Facelift
In between the ones mentioned, chin augmentation is a very common treatment that is processed with rhinoplasty surgery. The shape, anatomy and size of your nose and chin have a great impact on your facial appearance. The combination of these operations will give you astonishing results and regulate the proportions of the face like facelift or eyelid surgery.
Our abcskyhealth expert surgeons will perform a detailed examination and consultation in order to create an individual treatment plan by taking in to consideration your expectations too. Due to these considerations, your surgeon will identify if combining the operations will be appropriate for you.
Is there a difference between male and female surgery in Turkey?
There are some aesthetic differences between the male nose and the female nose. Usually, the fundamental and criteria for this is the angle that the nose goes with the lip. Men should have a straight nasal ridge and a nose-lip angle that is less inclined than women. A feminine appearance rises when the back of the nose is very curled and the tip of the nose is higher.
A slightly elevated type of nose tip and a slight bend on the back of the nose are desired in female patients. The average angle of the nose with the top lip for men is 95 degrees and 100 degrees for women.
Female patient’s passages should be gentler while the male patients’ lines are more sharp and obvious. In addition, vast majority of male patients may decide to fix the only particular sections of their noses. Male patients are tending to be opposed to a significant change.
How will be my rhinoplasty recovery and how long will i be in Turkey?
You will stay for a week in Turkey and you will be provided instructions in detail to follow during your time here and there for your recovery. After completion of your rhinoplasty surgery, you can return to work in week time. You will have fewer signs of the completed surgery. The vast majority of rhinoplasty surgery effects will go away in two to four weeks’ time. As we previously point out, you can return to your work in one week after the procedure by concealing any possible leftover redness with a make-up support.

If you are having conditions that make you unpleased such like; a nose asymmetry, shallow on the bridge, a crooked or droopy shape, too large or too small appearance, too wide or too narrow appearance or a need due to a past injury or trauma then a nose job surgery is the best surgical option available for you.

Actually it is very common to have other surgery procedures done at the same time with your rhinoplasty surgery. Eyelid lift, Chin and lip augmentation, face lift or neck lift can be combined with rhinoplasty. Reduction in anaesthesia use, shorter recovery periods, saving time and affordability are the advantages of having multiple procedures done at the same time.

You can do light exercises after a week but cannot perform strenuous and hard exercises for 3 weeks. Taking some short walks can improve the blood circulation and keep you healthy during the recovery completion period.

Nose plastic surgeries may vary depending on the operation to be performed such between 2-4 hours.

A combination of modern facilities, years of medical expertise, using cutting-edge technology and high quality care brings out successful medical outcomes. Abcskyhealth in Turkey offers tailor made medical travel solutions in accredited leading hospitals and clinics with best affordable rates. You will be a vip guest during your whole treatment process and travel.