Terms and Condtiions

The information and services provided on this website are subject to your unconditional acceptance, and your use of the https://www.abcskyhealth.com website constitutes agreement with such terms. Abcskyhealth reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove these terms and conditions temporarily or permanently. Any such modification, suspension, or discontinuance shall not entitle Abcskyhealth to any liability to any user or third party.
This website is intended to provide useful information but should not be construed as legal advice in any particular case. It does not take the place of a comprehensive consultation, and all prospective patients should seek the advice of a suitably qualified medical practitioner. Abcskyhealth accepts no responsibility for any decisions made by the reader regarding the treatment they choose.
Our Company Service Framework Terms and Conditions
Our goal at abcskyhealth is to provide our clients with exceptional high-quality medical services in Turkey. From the initial consultation to the client’s return home, abcskyhealth acts as a facilitator throughout the client’s journey. We are committed to the highest ethical, legal, and financial standards.
Before agreeing to any surgery, we encourage patients to express their concerns and make an informed decision in consultation with the specialist. The decision to proceed with surgery is made in consultation with the patient and a medical specialist. Medical professionals/specialists are all qualified and registered with their respective associations and bodies, and as such, they follow their professional codes of conduct and use an informed consent process. Informed-consent forms are used to communicate information about a proposed surgical procedure treatment, as well as disclosure of risks and alternative treatment(s).
The informed-consent process attempts to define risk disclosure principles that should generally meet the needs of most patients in most situations. However, informed consent documents should not be regarded as exhaustive in terms of defining other methods of care and risks encountered. Your surgeon may give you additional or different information based on all of the facts in your specific case and the current state of medical knowledge. Documents of informed consent are not intended to define or serve as the standard of medical care. Medical care standards are determined based on all of the facts in a specific case and are subject to change as scientific knowledge and technology advance and practice patterns evolve.
The following points highlight the client’s and abcskyhealth’s obligations:
Abcskyhealth acts as a medical facilitator and makes no medical evaluations, decisions, or comments, and is unable to offer a guarantee for the outcome of your treatment. Abcskyhealth reminds you that all surgery has risks and limitations, which may include dissatisfaction with the results. Before signing any paperwork, you and the specialist should agree on the expected outcome of your surgery and your expectations of the results. You should talk about alternative treatments and make sure you fully understand the risks of the procedures.
We always encourage open dialogue as a means of resolving issues, and as a medical facilitator, we will address any complaints on your behalf and, if necessary, refer them to the appropriate parties. If a dispute arises, the surgeon is only liable under Turkish Republic Law if the litigation takes place in Turkey. If a medical dispute arises, only the surgeon is liable, and in the event of litigation, the Turkish Judiciary and Turkish Republic Law will be used to resolve the dispute.
With honesty and integrity, we deal with patients, payers, suppliers, and providers. The procedure agreed upon by you and the hospitals and surgeons with whom we are affiliated will be included in the quote. All procedures should be thoroughly understood, and if you have any questions, please seek clarification.
Please be aware that all surgery carries some risk, and in the case of cosmetic surgery and other treatments, there may be some dissatisfaction with the results.
We will not be held liable for any medical procedure disagreements. Our liability is limited to a legal duty of care in our capacity as a third-party facilitator.
If you and the surgeon have a disagreement, it will be resolved in the country where your surgery was performed.
Your cosmetic surgery will be performed at a fixed price that will be agreed upon with you before the procedure begins.
Client’s Responsibilities and Obligations
Clients have the right to expect certain terms and conditions from abcskyhealth and its associated medical partners, but they also have certain responsibilities and obligations when choosing to receive medical care and treatment through abcskyhealth and its medical partners for the sake of their health.
Clients are responsible for the following:
Working with abcskyhealth and selected surgeons and healthcare providers to develop and implement agreed-upon treatment plans.
To ask questions if you don’t understand information, medical terms, treatment details, or what is expected of you, and to write down your questions and comments for your doctor.
Before self-medicating or seeking alternative therapies such as herbal medicines that may interfere with your ongoing treatment, consult with your doctor. We strongly advise you not to self-medicate without first consulting with your doctor. Abcskyhealth accepts no responsibility for the client’s wrongdoing, such as failing to follow the surgeon’s instructions or self-medicating without first consulting the surgeon.
To tell your doctors, nurses, and abcskyhealth staff about any changes in your condition, new symptoms, or increased pain before, during, and after treatment. The client’s full disclosure of every single detail of his/her medical condition is critical, and abcskyhealth accepts no responsibility for any outcome that occurs as a result of the client’s failure to provide accurate information about his/her medical condition.
Allow abcskyhealth to photograph or broadcast the operation(s) or procedure(s) to be performed, including appropriate portions of the client’s body, for medical, scientific, educational, or marketing/advertising purposes, provided the pictures do not reveal the client’s identity.
Respect and courtesy to those you meet on your medical journey, as well as communicating your wants and needs.
To take all possible precautions against disease or infection, including frequent hand washing and strict adherence to doctor’s orders.
You must keep your appointments. If you are unable to do so for any reason, please notify abcskyhealth right away.
To ensure that you are aware of all of the costs associated with your care and treatment, make proper arrangements to make payments and otherwise meet your financial obligations.
To be truthful, accurate, and thorough when providing personal information, and to keep this information up to date on a regular basis.
To be as prepared and knowledgeable about your medical condition and needs as possible, seek expert advice from your general practitioner and/or abcskyhealth, keep your home doctors informed of your plans, and provide necessary tests and lab results in advance if necessary.
To seek out reliable sources of information: be especially wary of internet websites and chat rooms, which may distort, either positively or negatively, information about a hospital, doctor, abcskyhealth, or patient / clients.
To recognize that, as a medical Tourist who is also an international patient/client, you are a partner in your medical care and bear more responsibility at home. You may not hold the doctor, hospital, or abcskyhealth responsible for any consequences of your decision if you choose to discontinue treatment, transfer your care and records to another physician or facility, or otherwise act against doctor advice.
Fixed Price:
The fixed price is the price stated in your surgery quotation and booking document.
Surgery Quotation and Booking Document:
This is the document that confirms the treatment to be performed and the fixed price for the treatment, as well as flights (if any), lodging (if any), and so on.
After final consultation with the surgeon and evaluation of your lab test results by the anaesthetist, your treatment plan and thus the treatment package initially provided may change. In this case, your treatment package and thus price will be revised and submitted for your approval before proceeding with the revised treatment plan.
Full Inclusive Service:
Following your Hospital Admission:
Pre-operative assessment on the day of your surgery
Your private room within the hospital
24-hour nursing and care facilities in the hospital
Fees for the operating room, medications, and dressings
Following your hospital discharge:
Organizing post-operative checks and arranging private transfers
Removal of dressings and stitches and if it’s needed
Private Transfer to/from airport/hotel/hospital
Airport transfers on arrival and departure
Private transportation to and from medical appointments
Flight & Flight Assistance:
The flight is not included in the Single Operation Packages offered, but we do provide flight booking support while the customer books his or her flights.
The flight is occasionally included in our Multiple Operation Packages. This is true if two or more major surgical procedures are performed together. Flights are booked by the patient and abcskyhealth reimburses the cost of the flight up to £100 GBP or €150 EUR. If the total cost of a flight exceeds 100 British pounds or 150 euros, the customer must pay the difference. To allow us to make all necessary arrangements and deductions, the customer should send the flight itinerary and invoice to abcskyhealth.
Pre-operative Evaluation and Consultation Prior to Surgery:
Pre-operative evaluation is performed to provide you with an estimate of your eligibility for the procedures you have requested. The main inputs in providing a pre-operative assessment are your photos, medical history form, and other relevant information about your health condition. However, the final assessment will be performed during the surgeon’s consultation just prior to the operation, and lab tests will be performed prior to the operation to confirm your eligibility for the requested procedures. The outcome of the actual consultation and lab tests may alter the treatment plan recommended during the pre-operative evaluation.
The final bill is subject to final consultation, physical examination assessment, and lab results prior to the operation.
Things you need to consider and do before treatment:
Personal information will be gathered from you in order to coordinate and facilitate the services that you have requested.
The following types of personal information may be collected
  • Your name and address
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport and Travel details
  • Contact details, mobile phone numbers and email addresses
  • Medical Information (as per your consent and questionnaire forms)
  • Photographs
  • Your Partner/Your Relative Information
In order for us to provide you with the service, you must provide us with timely and accurate information. Failure to provide the information may result in abcskyhealth delaying or failing to provide you with the services.
Abcskyhealth may disclose information to its service providers in order to provide you with a quote and service. Abcskyhealth will take reasonable precautions to ensure that our service providers adhere to confidentiality and privacy obligations when it comes to protecting your personal information.
Having correct information:
Abcskyhealth takes extensive measures to ensure that the personal and medical information provided to us is complete and accurate. However, the accuracy of the information is largely dependent on the details provided by the client. With this in mind, abcskyhealth requests that the client notify us of any omissions or errors in your personal and medical information.
Medical and surgical advice provided by abcskyhealth is intended to be accurate and up to date to the best of our knowledge; however, any advice provided should be discussed and thoroughly understood with the surgeon before proceeding with treatments.
Necessary Information:
Abcskyhealth may collect necessary personal information, such as health or medical information. Necessary information will be used or disclosed only for the purpose for which it was given, and will be forwarded directly to the intended party, as required by law.
The medical information provided by abcskyhealth is intended solely for educational purposes. Information sent via email or other contacts should not be considered medical advice.
This medium is not intended to replace a physician’s independent assessment of the appropriateness or risks of a procedure for a specific patient. Abcskyhealth will make every effort to provide you with information that will assist you in making your own health-care decisions.
Estimated Cost of Services:
The quoted price will be confirmed following the pre-surgery/treatment consultation prior to surgery. After receiving the medical history form and a close-up photograph of the body area requested for surgery, we will handle an e-mail or phone consultation with the surgeon.
The quotation includes the following:
The following costs are quoted for the chosen procedure: the surgeon, doctor, specialist anaesthesiologist, private clinic/hospital stay for the required procedure with 24/48 hour nursing facilities, all theatre charges, medication, pre and postoperative consultations, and a non-refundable administration fee.
  1. a) Pre and postoperative instructions for your chosen procedures
  2. b) Accommodation for the required period
  3. c) Personal Assistant to accompany you all your medical appointments and surgery
  4. d) Transfers from and to the airport, and for the consultation sessions.
The quotation excludes the following:
1-Transportation to and from all additional venues
2- Trips per day
3- Flight to Turkey – ”It could be all-inclusive if there are multiple surgery operation packages.” 
4- Any additional medical expenses for medications or procedures incurred as a result of unanticipated complications.
5- The cost of insurance.
Please keep in mind that the prices listed are subject to currency fluctuations. Cancellation fees (non-refundable deposit payment) will apply to confirmed bookings that are not carried out by the client.
Medical Examination
The initial quote will be confirmed after the pre-surgery/treatment consultation before surgery. After receiving the medical history form and the clinic or other analysis requested by the surgeon or medical authority, abcskyhealth handles the initial consultations via e-mail, phone, or letter. Before deciding on surgery, abcskyhealth encourages you to ask all of your questions via e-mail or phone. It is worth noting that both you and the surgeon/professional are under no obligation until after your pre-operative consultation. abcskyhealth reminds you that all types of surgery/treatment have risks, including dissatisfaction with the results. You and the surgeon/professional must agree on the expected outcome of your surgery/treatment so that your expectations are reasonable. Any medical or surgical advice provided through the abcskyhealth website and service, even if we believe it is correct to the best of our ability, should be discussed with the Surgeon. If a dispute arises, the surgeon is only liable if the litigation is conducted in Turkey under Turkish law.
Estimated Cost of Surgery
The quoted fee will be confirmed after the surgeon conducts additional medical evaluation. It includes the following costs for the chosen procedure: The surgeon, doctor, specialist anaesthesiologist, and private clinic/hospital stay for the required procedure, including all theatre charges, pre-medications, pre and postoperative consultations, and a non-refundable administration fee. It does not cover any additional medical expenses for medications or procedures that arise as a result of unforeseen complications.
Payment Transaction
The quoted fee will be confirmed after the surgeon conducts additional medical evaluation. To secure your booking, a non-refundable deposit (of the total cost) is required. There are two options for making the deposit: Credit card or bank transfers are the two options. After your arrival, the deposit will be deducted from your total payment. The remaining balance is payable directly to your surgeon
Other Arrangements
The client has the right to withdraw from the Agreement at any time before the start of medical performance. If the provider is unable to meet the obligations to perform care performance based on the client’s medical findings and eligibility for the selected medical treatment, it may withdraw from the Agreement prior to the initiation of medical performance. If the client withdraws from the Agreement and decides not to proceed with the selected treatment, and/or if the doctor refuses to operate based on the patient’s medical findings that are insufficient to deliver optimum medical performance, and/or if certain medical findings increase the risks of treatment that the surgeon finds unacceptable, the patient is only required to pay the deposit and has the right to claim a refund of the payment he/she made (if made). If the withdrawal occurs before payment is made, the patient is only required to pay the deposit as well as the cost of accommodation and transportation services.
In the event of a medical discrepancy or a dispute over the imputability of malpractice committed by the patient, the parties establish and agree that all judicial action must be taken by the patient against the surgeon/professional within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Turkey, and that action will not be extended towards abcskyhealth because it is a company that provides different professional options to the patient without practicing medicine professionally.
Abcskyhealth provides no medical or legal advice. We want to give our customers access to high-quality, world-class medical services at reasonable prices.
The information on www.abcskyhealth.com is intended to provide you with some basic facts about various surgeries/treatments. It is intended to provide general background information and to serve as an introduction to them. This website’s information cannot be used to determine whether or not you will have the procedure performed, nor is it a guarantee of the results or any outcome of the procedure/s you choose to undergo. During consultations, your surgeon/professional will explain in detail how a specific procedure will benefit your condition. They are only for your information. Individual outcomes may differ. Abcskyhealth would like to remind you that all surgeries carry the risk of complications, which in the case of cosmetic (elective) surgery include dissatisfaction with the results.
Abcskyhealth can assist you in locating medical treatment options in other countries. Abcskyhealth’s role is to act as a marketing agent for medical facilities and to arrange medical treatment packages with the option of including a vacation package. Abcskyhealth does not provide medical advice and is not responsible for the actions of third parties.
By reading the disclaimer, you acknowledge and understand the role of abcskyhealth as described. You also acknowledge that the decision to seek medical treatment in another country is your own and that you are aware of any risks involved.
Provisions for the End
This agreement is the result of the contractual parties’ independent and serious decision. To proceed, the patient must first read the information above and accept the terms.