As abcskyhealth, we are tourism and travel professionals with years of hands on experience in different layers of business such as medical tourism.

Working with a professional and international team; our vision of ethics such as honesty, reliability, transparency and privacy make us to exceed the expectations of our patients and leisure clients.

Abcskyhealth works with own distinguished network of leading hospitals, clinics, medical centres, expert surgeon and doctors sustain a unique advantage such as highest treatment quality level.

Our private network consists of selectively identified surgeons, doctors, hospitals and clinics which have accreditations and proven success by high ratings.

Each abroad travel and medical travel organisation needs private or tailor made services which only can be organised and managed by sector professionals. Our colleagues can support you due for a need about accommodation, tours, transfers and varied sorts of travel services.

You will have the personal assistance of our colleagues as well as medical travel service during your time in Turkey-Antalya.

We are not only a service provider only but also provide unique solutions for expecting individuals and clients.